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What is a Call/Recall message?

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A Call/Recall campaign is a feature that has been specifically built for practices that have activated the myGP app.

Sending a Call/Recall campaign holds several benefits for a practice:

  • Can help reduce calls to the practice, as patients can book appointment through the myGP app
  • Can add a clinical code to campaign invites that send back to patients records
  • Will help increase your patient using online facing services by inviting patients to myGP app
  • Sends campaign message for myGP users as a Data Message, which is FREE
  • Only invited patients are able to book the appointment available for the chosen campaign slot type
  • Can send multiple campaigns out at the same time (e.g. Flu 65 +, Flu for Minors, Flu Pregnant)
  • Can invite one patient to multiple campaigns at the same time (e.g. Flu jab, Asthma Review)

It also allow your practice to send out a campaign message to your selected patients, but target myGP app and non-myGP app users with custom messages.

For myGP app users, you will be able to set up a custom message and give a direct appointment booking invitation.

Additionally, for non-myGP app users, they can be sent a customised message that invites them to download the app to book their appointment.

You can also use this feature to run multiple Call/Recall campaigns at the same time, allowing patients to have the option to book into more then one offered campaign on the myGP app:

For patient’s that have a Dependent registered to their app (e.g. their child), they will receive a Call/Recall invitation for that Dependent, however, they will not see a booking button on the main page.

Instead, they must it book it via the regular steps of booking an appointment with the slot named appropriately (e.g. under 11 Flu nasal spray):


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