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What the appointment list information columns mean

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The Appointment List page within Consult will break down the available appointments into information columns. In order to reference these, please do the following:

  • Log on to myGP Connect
  • Click on Consult from the left-hand side menu
  • You will be taken to the Appointment List page

The following appointment details are listed in information columns:

  • Patient ID: your clinical system’s patient number
  • Name: patient’s name
  • Appointment Reason: reason for appointment booking
  • Session Holder: clinician appointment is booked with
  • Slot Type: the slot the appointment is booked in on
  • myGP: highlights if patient is a myGP app (blue) user or non-myGP app user (grey)
  • Date: date of booked appointment
  • Time: time of booked appointment
  • Actions: will display if an appointment has been marked as Flagged or Completed
  • Video Call: will display if patient is compatible with a video call

Please Note: Any unopened appointments are highlighted in yellow, any opened ones will appear transparent with the background.

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