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Saving message templates

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Select a patient Select a patient in your clinical system. Press the SystmOne or EMIS Web button within myGP Buddy. The patient will automatically sync into myGP Buddy.

Compose a message

In the compose box, write your message. Please note the character counter in the bottom right of the compose box. Consider the length of the message as you may use an increasing number of SMS credits. Select whether the messages that use this template should code the message back to the record. Tick the “save to patient record” option.

Press create template

Once you are happy with the message, tick the “create template” option. Press the send button. Name your template, so you can quickly refer back to this. If you wish, you can save this for your whole organisation, so this will be available for others to use at your practice. Press the save button. This is now added to your list of templates.

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