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What’s new in the latest version of myGP Buddy

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This article describes what’s new in the latest release of myGP Buddy.

Latest Version

The latest version is:

New functionality

  • Auto-login – myGP Buddy will not require the user to enter their username and password every time myGP Buddy loads
  • Auto-start – myGP will now load on startup of your PC. This is a configurable options within Settings
  • Video Consultations – myGP Buddy has changed how video consultation are handled. Patients are now invited to a web-based video call via an invite text message; increasing where and how call video consultations can be used
  • Change Number – you can now change the Mobile Number a message will be sent to by simply over-writing this within the myGP Buddy compose screen
  • Diagnostics – a new Diagnostics option is available in Settings to check the connection to your clinical system and to collect hardware details for troubleshooting purposes
  • Connection Check – myGP Buddy will check on login whether there is a good connection to the myGP service

Bug fixes

  • This release includes a number of stability and performance improvements

How to update

Automatic updates

Most users will receive automatic updates every time they load myGP Buddy. There is no further action required for areas where you can install applications yourself.

Managed desktops

Where you computer and applications that run on it are managed by your local IT service, the latest version will be provided to your local IT service desk for distribution to end user machines. There should be no further action required by yourself.

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