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How to install myGP Buddy Toolbar on a desktop

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This article describes how to install myGP Buddy on your desktop. Each user on a machine will need to follow these steps.


  • Your practice has myGP Connect
  • You have a myGP Connect login
  • Your practice have configured myGP Buddy as a partner product in your clinical system (EMIS Web only)
  • You have the Windows rights to install applications on your desktop

Technical requirements

Please ensure that your local IT team have put in place these technical requirements.

Check out the technical requirements.

For further assistance, contact iPLATO Support.

Step 1: Download

You will need to download myGP Buddy to your PC:

For EMIS users:

Download myGP Buddy 2.3


For TPP/SystmOne users:

Download myGP Buddy 2.2


Press Run if you are given this option.


Step 2: Install

myGP Buddy uses a simple one-click install. Each user of a machine will need to download and install myGP Buddy themselves.

Once downloaded, open the setup file and follow any on-screen prompts.

If you do not have permission to install applications on your desktop, contact Support for help.

Anti-virus pop-up

If you see a pop-up notification from Windows Defender or your anti-virus software, you can select continue / trust. This is a standard warning for new software solutions.

You may also need to press a show more / more info / advanced options button on the alert box.

If you cannot continue, you will need to discuss this matter with your local IT team.

We work with the main anti-virus vendors to help reduce/prevent the above pop-ups.

Step 3: Log in

Use your myGP Connect login details to log into myGP Buddy

Don’t have a login?

Speak to a member of your practice staff who manages myGP Connect.
Learn how to add users to myGP Connect.

Step 4: Permit myGP Buddy to connect to your clinical system

This is a one time action for you on each machine you use.

  • Open your clinical system
  • Log into myGP Buddy
  • Accept a popup, or yellow banner notification to allow myGP Buddy to connect to your clinical system’s desktop client.
  • In EMIS Web, complete the blue Partner API access screen that will appear.

Step 5: Start Using it

Here’s some tips to get you started using myGP Buddy:

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