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Technical requirements Please ensure that your local IT team have put in place these technical requirements. Check out the technical requirements. For further assistance, contact iPLATO Support.

Step 1: Download

You will need to download myGP Buddy to your PC. Download myGP Buddy.

Step 2: Install

myGP Buddy uses a simple one click install. Each user of a machine will need to download and install myGP Buddy themselves. Once downloaded, open the setup file and follow any on-screen prompts.

Anti-virus pop-up

If you see a pop-up notification from Windows Defender or your anti-virus software, you can select continue / trust. This is a standard warning for new software solutions. If you cannot continue, you will need to discuss this matter with your local IT team. We are working with the main anti-virus vendors to help reduce/prevent the above pop-ups.

Step 3: Log in

Use your myGP Connect login details to log into myGP Buddy

Don’t have a login?

Speak to a member of your practice staff who manages myGP Connect. Learn how to add users to myGP Connect.

Step 4: Permit myGP Buddy to connect to your clinical system

This is a one time action for you on each machine you use.
  • Open your clinical system
  • Log into myGP Buddy
  • Accept a popup, or yellow banner notification to allow myGP Buddy to connect to your clinical system’s desktop client.
  • In EMIS Web, complete the blue Partner API access screen that will appear.

Step 5: Have a coffee

You did it! Time to message and video call patients!

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