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Enable EMIS users for Buddy

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In order to enable the Buddy toolbar to work as efficient as possible, you must enable your specific users within the EMAS manager of your clinical system.

Please do the following steps:

  • Log into EMIS Web
  • Click on System Tools, then select EMAS Manager
  • Now go to Partner API and select on the Patient care messaging option
  • Enable Activate Application

Return to main screen.

  • Now select Login Access in the upper row, a list will appear
  •  Click User to reorganise list
  • Tick both Allow Login and Auto Login

Return to main screen.

  • Now select Edit Users from top row
  •  Click User to reorganise list, then tick the Users/Staff you which to allow access
  • Create Password when prompted

This will now have enable multiple selected staff members to use Buddy system.

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