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This article describes what’s new in the latest release of myGP Buddy.

Latest Version

The latest version is: 2.2.2

New functionality

  • TPP/SystmOne compatibly – myGP Buddy is now fully function with TPP clinical systems
  • Buddy Toolbar Updates – improvements have been actioned on the Toolbar. Video has been separated from messaging, there is a new icon for messaging, and the icons have been streamlined for a smoother experience
  • Context Menu – has been improved with a new Help section, and icons moved to the Toolbar
  • About Buddy – a new pop-up is available when right clicking About in Toolbar. This will break down app name, username, clinical system, buddy version, copyright of your Buddy setup.
  • SMS Improvements –  SMS consent has been fixed, and the character limit for a text message has been updated to reflect the same as myGP Connect

Bug fixes

  • Improvements to template’s Save button and Login error message display.

How to update

Automatic updates

Most users will receive automatic updates every time they load myGP Buddy. There is no further action required for areas where you can install applications yourself.

Managed desktops

If your computer and applications are managed by your local IT service, the latest version will be provided to your local IT service desk for distribution to end user machines. There should be no further action required by yourself.

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