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Patients can connect with your practice wherever they are, using our simple sign-up process – they don’t need to visit in person.

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Coronavirus (Covid-19) Practice Information

We are aware that many practices are putting in place adjustments to their operations in response to Covid-19 and are looking to use our solutions to facilitate this. We have collated information to help you make any changes to your configuration or to use the functionality of the myGP platform to manage this situation.


Are you struggling to get your patients online?

Digital technology has the power to change the relationship between your practice and your patients by making healthcare services more convenient, personal and efficient.

If we look at the benefits of the app, there is an obvious money saving element, as it reduces missed appointments and administrative workload for staff members. It is equally important, however, to look at how the app enables patients to take ownership of their health.

To encourage uptake of online services as detailed in the GMS contract, we are offering your practice the secret to achieving these numbers. Want to learn more? Get in touch with us!

Tell your patients about myGP

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We can also create assets to fit your specific practice needs, so get in touch and we will be happy to help.

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myGP Remote Consultation

Ensuring practices are able to meet the GMS contract requirements, the module has continuously been evolving with additional features added as we continue to learn the needs of our customers and their patients.

myGP Remote Patient Monitoring

This technology will support ‘mass monitoring’ to help healthcare providers asses and review patients with newly diagnosed or ongoing long-term health conditions.

myGP preGP Intelligent Care Navigation

Intelligent care navigation within the myGP platform helps patients to get the care they need as quickly as possible. Based on a patient’s appointment reason, preGP will show them alternate points of care for their complaint.

myGP Messaging

Accurate, coded two-way SMS reminders allow practices to manage their patients through direct, grouped or campaign messages, which write directly into the clinical system.

myGP Buddy

Lets clinicians simply send test results, send an SMS requesting bloods, a face-to-face appointment or anything that they deem necessary. It offers a quick, bespoke and simple method for contacting patients.

myGP Engagement Hub

It has proven to increase the uptake of national screening programmes, health checks, vaccinations and used as a mass-communication method during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Using myGP can benefit you and your patients from day one

Improve Patient Experience

Our simple remote sign-up process  lets your patients book and cancel appointments from their mobile at a time and place that is convenient to them.

Better Communication

Communicate with your patients and invite them for personalised health appointments such as flu vaccines and NHS Screening Checks – your patients can book directly on the app!

Online Prescription Service

Patients can order their medical prescriptions with myGP, reducing errors and removing the workload of transcribing from paper requests.

24/7 Convenience

Patients have the ability to book and cancel appointments from their mobile at a time that suits them.

Increase Efficiency

Reduce your administrative workload so that you can spend more time with patients.

Reduce Appointment Wastage

Patients can cancel an appointment in good time, reducing the amount of ‘no-shows’.

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