Remote Consultation – Direct Messaging

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Remote Consultation – Direct Messaging

With Remote Consultation, trained staff or clinicians are able to send encrypted myGP Messages directly to the patient. These relate to the appointment, with the conversation history appearing within the appointment details in the patient’s myGP app.

To send your myGP users  a message, click on the appointment details view within Appointment List.

On the right side of the screen is the Compose Message box. Any messages sent or received about this appointment will be displayed here.

Please note: This functionality is not intended to provide a real time messaging capability. Messages can take several minutes to arrive to a patient’s smartphone. At certain times, it can take up to 4 hours for a message to be received. We are unable to guarantee that all messages will be delivered.

We recommend that any time sensitive or high priority messages are delivered to the patient via a phone call.

Type in your message to the patient in the Compose Message box.

Click on the blue Send Button.

The message will be sent to the patient’s myGP app and will be displayed in the on-screen Conversation History.

The message will be handled confidentially on the patient’s smartphone, with the patient only receiving a notification that they have received a new message. The contents can only be seen once the patient has unlocked the myGP app itself.

If a patient replies to a message you have sent them, you will see a new message notification next to the appointment in the Consult Workflow in the form of the Envelope Icon.

You can filter the Consult Workflow to display appointments to display appointments with New Messages. See the help instructions on Filtering Appointments.

Click on the Appointment entry itself to view the message.

The Conversation History is displayed on the right hand side of the screen.

Messages sent by the practice are shown in green and messages sent by the patient are shown in yellow.

Yourself and the patient can send as many messages as necessary.

TOP TIP: If appointment has come and gone, it will leave the Appointment List section. If a conversation is actioned, it will stored as regular ingoing and outgoing messages, and will be coded in your clinical system in the same manner.

For Non-myGP Users

If your patient is a non-myGP User, you will not be able to message them. If you click on their upcoming appointment, you will notice the message box will be absent.

Once they have downloaded the myGP app, the layout will automatically change and they will be message enabled.

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