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preGP Care Navigation

This article will help you to configure and use the preGP Care Navigation product in myGP Connect.

What is preGP Care Navigation?

Patients are looking for the fastest access to the care they need, and GP surgeries are looking to reduce pressures on them by avoiding unnecessary GP appointments and maximising the use of their existing resources. preGP Care Navigation does just that.

On average, we see a 20% reduction in unnecessary GP appointments at surgeries using the preGP Care Navigation solution.

To patients, the solution is surfaced within the myGP app as a patient is trying to book a GP appointment. Based on your configuration, the patient is sign-posted to alternatives to a GP appointment in relation to their Appointment Reason. This is a fully automated process.


The following is required to be able to use preGP Care Navigation:

  • myGP app activated with appointment Slot Types enabled within myGP Connect
  • preGP Care Navigation has been purchased and activated by iPLATO Support
  • Patients are booking appointments within the myGP app

How to configure preGP Care Navigation

Our specialist deployment team will work with you to configure preGP Care Navigation to meet your needs. If you wish to completely re-configure preGP Care Navigation, we advise completing this with the guidance of our specialist deployment team. You can book in a free session by emailing us here.

If you are tweaking the configuration of preGP Care Navigation, we have collated information on how to manage each element of the product.

Learn more about configuring preGP Care Navigation.

Processing booked appointments (additional purchase required)

Where the additional Remote Consultation product has been purchased, any appointments booked through the myGP app – and are not sign-posted by preGP Care Navigation – are added to a Consult screen.

Trained staff or clinicians can review the appointment reasons and triage or care navigate the appointments to alternatives. Staff are able to message the patient about the booked appointment to gather further detail or to advise of an alternative.

If you do not see the Consult tab in myGP Connect, this product has not been purchased/activated for your organisation

Learn more about triaging or signposting appointments using Remote Consultation.

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