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What is myGP TICKet?

It’s a simple way to display whether or not an individual is considered ‘protected’ against COVID-19 (once protected, a green ‘tick’ appears around the profile photo). It provides clear assurance that an individual is safe to return to work or play if he/she is required to be vaccinated before doing so. Best of all, it needs no further technology/integration from a business/venue, as the results are displayed on the user’s own device.

What do I need to do to get the myGP TICKet?

To get your myGP TICKet, you need to have completed the NHS login process within our app, have received 2x vaccines, and have waited another 12 days to be considered protected from COVID-19. You will also need your GP to grant you access to the immunisation history section of your medical records.

We are currently only providing the TICKet to people who have received full vaccination from the NHS, as recorded on GP systems EMIS and SystmOne (97% of  England). We cannot currently provide a TICKet based on antibody tests/ status. Unfortunately, currently, we are unable to provide a TICKet to people who are unable to have vaccinations.

My Medical record access has been disabled, what do I do?

If your surgery has granted you access to the immunisations/vaccinations section of your medical record, the TICKet will work perfectly. If not, then you will need to contact your surgery to request access to this. You can download this email template to send on to your surgery, or simply phone and request access. You are legally entitled access to your medical records.

How long will my GP TICKet last for? 

The science is not yet clear on how long COVID-19 vaccinations provide protection from the virus. We are monitoring the evidence around this and are currently working toward the advice of our clinical advisor and other experts, who tell us that protection lasts at least 12 months from the date of your second doseTherefore, your TICKet will currently last for 12 months from the date of your second dose as well. We will update this as and when new science emerges around these timelines.

My myGP TICKet shows incorrect data, what do I do?  

This can happen for various reasons ie. errors in manual input of data by clinical staff. If you see inaccurate or incorrect information on your ticket, please get in touch with us and we’ll look into this for you.  

Why can’t I change my photo? 

This is to ensure that your TICKet can only be used by you and not anyone else. Please note that this photo won’t be your profile photo in the app.

How is my medical record data protected?

myGP provides a window into a patient’s medical record, showing a real-time snapshot of a patient’s current vaccination status, medications, and other information. All information is held within the GP clinical system and all access is controlled by the GP surgery. When a user closes the medical records section of our app, the information is gone. Only the information relating to COVID-19 Vaccinations will be cached within the myGP app, so that the feature will remain available in the event of internet failure or other system outages. No other data is stored anywhere on our servers. 

Does having a TICKet ensure I won’t get Covid-19? 

No. The myGP TICKet just provides evidence of having a current, complete course of COVID-19 vaccination; it does not guarantee immunity and you must still follow guidelines on social distancing, lockdowns etc. We hope that products like the myGP TICKet will enable businesses to relax social distancing and other safety measures over time. 

I no longer want to use this feature. How can I delete my myGP TICKet?

Get in touch with the support team and we’ll get this done for you.

Can I get myGP TICKet for my dependant?

You can only generate your TICKet for yourself.

I can no longer access myGP TICKet, what do I do?  

This may be due to you having changed your GP practice or your practice having moved to a different clinical system. Get in touch with us and we’ll look into this for you.

Why do I need to use NHS login or credentials?

NHS login is the easiest way to prove your identity and ensure that we share your medical information with you and only you.   

I’m having trouble with NHS login, what do I do? 

Please see our guide for NHS login here.

Where/ what will the myGP TICKet allow me to access?

It is still unclear what an individual will be able to access once they are able to prove their vaccination status; this is a decision for business and government to make. However, an individual may have any number of personal reasons for wanting to prove that they have been vaccinated – from ensuring the safety of visiting relatives, to dating, to potentially gaining access to offices, restaurants, theatres, airlines, and other indoor spaces.

Is the vaccine safe?

For more information on the vaccines please see the NHS website here:  

have had the vaccine outside the NHS, can I get my TICKet? 

We are currently only providing the TICKet to people who have received full vaccination within the NHS, GP systems EMIS and SystmOne. We cannot provide a TICKet based on antibody tests/ status currently. Unfortunately, we cannot provide a TICKet to people who are unable to have vaccinations.

I am not able to have vaccinations can I still get my TICKet? 

We are currently only providing the TICKet to people who have received full vaccination within the NHS, GP systems EMIS and SystmOne. We cannot provide a TICKet based on antibody tests/ status currently. Unfortunately, we cannot provide a TICKet to people who are unable to have vaccinations. 

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