Frequently asked questions

I see a message saying Medical Records are disabled or coming soon

There are a couple of reasons why you may not be able to view or register to view your Medical Record:


Coming soon message displayed


We are working to bring the Medical Records feature to every GP surgery in the country. If you see a message saying that Medical Records is coming soon, it is because we are not yet compatible with your surgery’s computer system. 


We support over half of all surgeries in England and are actively developing support for the other computer systems in use. We will release this as soon as this work is complete and signed off by the NHS.

Medical Records disabled message displayed


Practices have the option to disable this feature. There can be various reasons why this may be done.


Please contact your GP surgery directly to discuss this and to request whether access can be enabled for you.


As the app developers of myGP, we are unable to enable this for you.