Appointment Reminders – user roles


Appointment Reminders – user roles

There are 4 different types of user permissions within your iPLATO Connect system and each type has different functionality that the user can access.

All Access

The main point of contact at your Surgery or whoever is nominated to sign up to the iPLATO service, will automatically be added as an ‘All Access’ user and have complete site admin access to the system.
All Access users only have the ability to add any new users to use the system.

All Access Functionally includes:

  • PCM Sign-up Summary
  • FFT Pro Reports
  • Consult Appointment List
  • Video Consult
  • Messages
  • Campaign messaging
  • Patients Phonebook
  • myGP Appointments
  • preGP Care Navigation
  • Automatic Appointment Set up
  • Patient Surveys
  • Users
  • Messaging Alerts,
  • Gateway
  • Help

Possible users for this access would be:

  • Practice managers
  • Business managers
  • IT managers
  • Other trusted users

High Level

All High-Level Access have very similar access to the system as an All-Access User (see All Access)
However, they will NOT have access to the following features:

  • Adding Users
  • Video Consult
  • Gateway

Possible users for this user role would be:

  • Assistant practice managers
  • Business managers
  • IT managers
  • Other trusted users.

Standard Level

Possible users of this access would be the Reception team, Staff whose duties require sending out messages to patients and/or health campaigns, monitoring responses, but do not require access to settings or set up of your system.

Standard users may be a member of your reception team that you would like to use the functionally of the system to send out messages or health campaigns, but would not need access to Auto Appointment Settings, myGP App Settings, preGP Care Navigation or Video Consult.

Standard Level still has access to the Consult list to be able to help assist with maximizing the opportunity for your surgery to avoid unnecessary GP appointments and to spot appointments that may be better handled as urgent appointments.


This User access are for Doctors or Clinicians authorized to access and deliver Video consultations via the Consult workflow. Including access to patient messaging functionality.

Including access to patient messaging functionality to send out messages or health campaigns, but just like Standard level users would not have access to changing or actioning any settings.

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