Appointment Reminders – undelivered reports


Appointment Reminders – undelivered reports

If a text message has been unsuccessfully sent out from your myGP Connect system, it will be for two specific reasons:

  • Failed Message: is when the patient contact details do not register (e.g. their phone number no longer exists)
  • Expired Message: is when a phone has been switched off for over 72 hours and the message expires (e.g. is out of the country on holiday)

To be notified about these messages, you can assign the Undelvered Report to an appropriate email address by following these steps:

  • Log in to your myGP Connect system
  • Click on Settings on the left-hand side menu
  • Click Messaging Alerts

By default, the assigned Site Admin will have their email address provided to receive the Undelivered Report. If you wished to change this, please do the follow steps:

  • Refer to the Recipient List column and click on Site Admins
  • From drop-down select Custom, this will clear the Recipients text box
  • Now click on Add New
  • The Add Alert Email pop-up box will appear

  • Fill in the email address in the Add Email text field
  • Click Save on the pop-up box
  • Click Save on the Undelivered Reports main page

TOP TIP: The Undelivered Report will be sent on a weekly basis by default. You can change this by reference the Period Trigger and clicking on the drop-down you have the option of also Daily or Monthly. Click Save on the main page to keep changes.

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