Add adult Dependants that share your mobile number

India Maycock

Add adult Dependants that share your mobile number


 First, make sure they are registered with your mobile number at your practice.
 Start by selecting the Profile section.
From here you can select the Dependants & Carers button and then select the Add Dependant button.






 They will need to give permission to being added as a dependant. They can do this using myGP from your phone.
 First, you will need to disconnect from the app. By going Settings and selecting Disconnect at the bottom.




 Using your smartphone, they can then log-in with your mobile number and their date of birth.
 Once they are logged in they can reply to the permission message, and then disconnect from the app as well, the same way through the Settings section.







 You can then log back in with your details and you will be able to see your dependants’ profile appear the next time you go to book an appointment.