Frequently asked questions


How do I get my NHS Online Credentials?

If your practice does not use the myGP easy sign in, you will need to log-in with your NHS Online Credentials. Here is how to get them.

How to find your Online Credentials in Patient Access

If you have already used your codes for prescription ordering with Patient Access you can use them again for myGP. Here is how.

How to order prescriptions online with myGP

Order prescriptions online using myGP.

How do I set-up medication reminders?

Never forget to take your medication again by setting up medication reminders on the myGP app.

How do I view my medical records?

Medical records is not something that can be viewed using the myGP app, just yet. However we are close to making this available to patients. In the meantime, please check your GP Surgery’s website, which will have a link to their online medical records access.