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Promoting the Digital Health Agenda


Situation NHS Salford Clinical Commissioning Group (Salford CCG) has the responsibility for commissioning health services for circa 270,000 people registered with a GP across 45 different practices. A target for Salford CCG is guaranteeing resident expectations are continually met, services are always improving and there is alignment with national objectives such as the NHS Long Term Plan. This aims for …

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Going the Extra Mile


Background and Challenge Library House Surgery, based in Chorley, is a well-established practice serving a patient population of over 16,500. Like all practices, a key challenge is interacting with and identifying individuals with the same needs,i.e. those eligible for a flu vaccine, or those who act as carer, previously this was a time-consuming, manual process. The Surgery was keen to …

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Reducing DNAs in East Berkshire


Background and Challenge NHS East Berkshire Clinical Commissioning Group was established in April 2018. A key focus for the organisation was to facilitate greater access to GP appointments including the evenings and weekends for the 470,000 patients registered at practices throughout the vicinity. With an average GP appointment costing £30 to the NHS it is important to encourage patients to …