A pandemic isn’t an excuse

A pandemic isn’t an excuse

Following the announcement from the Government to contain the spread of coronavirus, gyms are closed and sporting events have been put on hold until further notice, many may struggle to find the mojo to keep exercising.

Doing just a few minutes of exercise every day can improve brain function, reverse the effects of aging in the heart and can have a positive impact on mental health (you may have heard of something called endorphins).

We recognise that in uncertain times, it’s more important than ever to stay healthy, happy and active! So, we encourage you to:

  • Find what works for you

Whether you are into weight training or yoga, social media is flooded with a lot of creative at-home exercises and workout options right now.

  • Get into a routine

Figuring out when to workout should be simpler now you’re at home, have a think about when you have the most energy.

Now is the time for workouts that make you laugh, they let you connect virtually with familiar faces and give you a mental break from all the other stresses you’re dealing with.

  • Fight boredom

When staying at home, it is easier to sit around more: on the couch watching television but how many episodes of Friends can you really watch in one day?

Sometimes boredom is caused by feeling disconnected from what you are doing. Try something new!

You do not have to go to a gym to get a sweat on, working out in your home allows for social distancing and you can still get your fit fix for the day.

You can track your weight and blood pressure from within the myGP app, so if you’re just curious or your GP wants you to track your medical condition you can keep all your stats safe and secure.

No more losing that scrap of paper you jotted the figures on!

Modern life can be challenging,

Simplify it with myGP