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Beyond Total Triage

25th June 2020

myGP® is the UK’s largest independent patient facing service. While the overall transaction volume on the platform more than doubled from 12 million transactions in February to 27 million in March, bookings and cancellations on myGP almost halved (do…

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Let’s talk body image!

Recently, Mental Health Foundation chief executive Mark Rowland said: “Our survey indicates that millions of adults in the UK are struggling with conc…

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Sneeze o’ clock

As we have officially entered Spring, hay fever season has also come back to torment some of us. Hay fever is an allergy to pollen, normally from gras…

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Mamma mia…here we go again!

In some parts of the world, today, many families are coming together to celebrate Mother’s day. This a great opportunity for you to express your love…

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“Sorry…I can’t make it!”

How many quotes about how unpredictability have you heard or read throughout your life? “Hoping for the best, prepared for the worst, and unsurprised…

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Ovarian Cancer: What are the symptoms?

Ovarian cancer is the sixth most common cancer among women after breast and bowel cancers and over 7,300 women in the UK are diagnosed with this illne…

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Overcoming child obesity

Think about how many times you might have used the word ‘fat’ instead of using the word ‘obese’. Hmm exactly… This is because in today’s society, obes…

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Don’t worry – Be happy!

Don’t worry, stress is bad for you. Excellent advice in theory, hugely unhelpful in practice. Similar to much of the well-meaning advice we’re given f…

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Ring, ring your doctor is calling…

It is no secret that most people’s interaction with the NHS is through their GP and while the overall public satisfaction with the NHS remains high, d…

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The Big C

Cancer. It’s a terrifying word that strikes fear into most people’s hearts, when even the smallest possibility rears its ugly head. I see it frequentl…

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The Fast and the Flu-less

If you’ve been keeping up to date with the news this winter you’ve probably heard a lot about the flu. I’ve just looked at the BBC News website and th…

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New Year’s Resolutions Made Easy

Who’s made a New Year’s resolution this year? And who’s broken it already?  You’re not alone, studies show that 80% of people give up their resol…

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What’s new in myGP 4.1? Features, Updates & Bug Fixes

Medication Insights In myGP 4.1, our medication feature has been expanded with Medication Insights. This feature allows patients to have a better…