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Sleepless nights during Covid-19?

26th May 2020

Getting into a routine when in quarantine can be more difficult than ever. Whether you are working from home or you are a key worker on the frontline, having a good sleep routine will help to keep us productive. Did you know that sleep… Lowers the bo…

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Sleepless nights during Covid-19?

Getting into a routine when in quarantine can be more difficult than ever. Whether you are working from home or you are a key worker on the frontline,…

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UK Law: Organ Donation

Did you know the organ donation law in England has changed? The Organ Donation Act will mean adults in England will be considered potential donors unl…

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Why is walking the most underrated form of exercise?

To stay fit and healthy, the NHS advises adults to do at least 150 minutes of moderate physical activity a week or around 20 to 30 minutes a day, but…

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A pandemic isn’t an excuse

Following the announcement from the Government to contain the spread of coronavirus, gyms are closed and sporting events have been put on hold until f…

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Covid-19 Vaccines in Development

12 May 2020Professor Mike Lewis This is a short paper to give you an update on how science and research are progressing during the Covid-19 pandemic….

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Working from home?

About 1.5 million people work from home regularly, and over the past few years with many opting for self-employment, it’s becoming more and more…

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The role of myGP in the battle against Covid-19

Today, we are proud that over 1.6 million people trust myGP® to simplify their access to healthcare. Especially at a time of pandemic, it is a hugely…

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The doctor will see you now

NHS GP practices to get welcome boost of virtual GPs through new partnership, as 1 in 4 GPs are forced into isolation. A new strategic partnership bet…

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myGP offers free software to 3,000 GP practices

myGP Buddy allows one step patient messaging and video consultation from within the practice clinical systemmyGP Remote Patient Monitoring allows prac…

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Further updates to Remote Consultation

We announced yesterday some changes to our remote consultation module. We have been working hard and listening to feedback from our customers to make…

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myGP update in response to Covid-19

iPLATO, the developers of myGP®, have made several upgrades to its Remote Consultation module in a bid to help users meet the needs of patients during…

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What is FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) ?

Healthcare organisations and institutions have traditionally set their own conventions for data exchange across the Internet and with each other. This…